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Women serving Women Veterans at the National Home

Wow! Everyone had an amazing time this year at the Women Serving Women Vets retreat at the VFW National Home for Children. The ladies got away from the hustle and bustle of life and spent the weekend at the Guest Lodge on our beautiful grounds, where they had the opportunity to spend time with other female veterans. The ladies were struck by the serenity and safety of our little community and said that it provided the perfect backdrop for connecting and creating new friendships. The Michigan based organization seeks to identify and help the over 14,000 female veterans living in the state. These women may be struggling with addiction, homelessness, sexual trauma, PTSD, or joblessness; the mission of WSWVETS is to connect them with the service organizations that will provide assistance in these areas. “This retreat has renewed my belief in the power of prayer, recovery and life.” remarked one attendee. She said that it was “just what I needed to return home and begin my new life [of recovery].” Everybody is looking forward to next year’s retreat! The WSWVETS’ goal is to work towards making a positive difference in the lives of National Female Veterans. The VFW National Home for Children was glad to have the opportunity to contribute to this cause by hosting their retreat.

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