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Volunteer Group Spends Weekend Making Improvements to the National Home

Sixty volunteers from three different organizations converged on the VFW National Home for Children July 15 and 16 for a weekend of giving back. Volunteers from Greener Energy Solutions, F4 Foundation, and Consolidated Electric spent the weekend making more than $80,000 in improvements around the campus. Greener Energy Solutions improved the energy efficiency of five of our homes, installing aluminum insulation, solar fan ventilation and an air conditioning additive called Blue Max, while Consolidated Electric donated their time and expertise performing all the electrical work for our new museum. Volunteers also put fresh coats of paint on structures like our pavilions and lifeguard towers and built a shed and two new fishing platforms at Lake Romanis. We are so thankful that this wonderful group of volunteers shared their time and skills to help make the National Home a better place for our families. You can view more photos of their visit here. This project was featured in the Lansing State Journal. You can read the article here.

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