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The National Home Thanks Our Newest Sponsor, The Military Order of the Cootie.

The VFW National Home for Children is happy to announce our newest home sponsor. The Military Order of the Cootie and its Auxiliary will sponsor the MOC/MOCA House. The house, constructed in 1935, has 1,933 square feet with 3 bedrooms, one full bath and two half baths. The Military Order of the Cootie is a subsidiary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Established in 1920, the organization is based on the principle of good humor and fun. The Cooties were instrumental in helping to establish the VFW National Home for Children, and National Home and the Cooties share a long and rich history. Building sponsorship represents a strong commitment to the National Home, and it is critical to our ability to serve struggling families. Home sponsors provide for a home’s annual costs, including utilities, lawn care and trash removal, as well as home maintenance and repairs. The National Home is grateful to leadership and members of The Military Order of the Cootie for their commitment to sustaining this house. Thank you, Military Order of the Cootie for your continued support! For pictures of the dedication check out the Flickr album.

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