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The gift of peace of mind

Spring in southern Michigan means severe weather season is upon us–a threat we know all too well here at the National Home. And a threat we are better prepared to face, thanks to your generous support. When the National Home was hit by two devastating storms in less than a year, we came to you asking for your help to support an Emergency Fund that would be used to recover from these storms and prepare for the next storm. We are pleased to report that your contributions have allowed us to purchase and install several commercial size generators throughout our campus, which will allow us to keep vital community services up and running during future power outages. We now have a generator to run our water pump for our distribution system, as well as one for our waste water pumps. We also have a generator capable of running the entire Community Center building and one that can run the entire child care center. And we will soon have one installed to run the entire Guest Lodge. All of this was made possible because you cared enough to help us make sure we were prepared for the unexpected. While we hope we won’t need to use our new generators for quite some time, everyone at the National Home will sleep better knowing we can weather the next big storm.

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