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The End of an Era: Dedicated Auxiliary Member Wears Campbell’s Soup Costume for the Last Time.

Lynne Nolte, of VFW Aux #2984 out of Northwood, Ohio, has been dutifully collecting Campbell’s soup labels for the past 15 years. She created a custom Campbell’s Soup Can costume with two hula hoops, felt, and a couple of ribbon straps to put her arms through, and has been proudly wearing it to district meetings to raise awareness about the program. The first time she came to visit the National Home was in 1963 with her parents. Her father was the District 2 Commander at the time, and she remembers saying to them that if something were to ever happen to them, she wanted to come here and live. The ending of the Campbell’s Labels for Education program is really an end of an era and Lynne was understandably emotional. She told us, “The National Home has been dear to my heart since I was eight years old.” Thank you, Lynne, or your years of dedication, collecting labels for this program. With your help, we were able to get so many wonderful things for the National Home including seven minivans.

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