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Sponsor Spotlight: Huntsinger and Jeffer

At Huntsinger and Jeffer, our mission is to provide clients with unparalleled direct marketing expertise and value. Our core values are simple: treat clients and employees fairly, set high standards, work hard, enjoy life, celebrate victories and learn from mistakes. At H&J, the National Home has been close to our hearts for 8 years. We take enormous pride in partnering with such a uniquely American institution and nonprofit organization. Every day, we are inspired by the patriotic service and life-changing programs that the National Home provides for the families and children of our nation’s war heroes. We are equally inspired by the compassionate and talented people who keep its programs and campus operating smoothly. To us, the National Home is more than a remarkable place ─ it’s home to our friends. As one of our founders, Jerry Huntsinger has said so often: “There is absolutely no shortage of money for your organization – there is only a shortage of creative ideas to raise that money.” Huntsinger and Jeffer is founded on the principle that there is always the possibility of a strategic and/or creative breakthrough that will allow an organization to substantially increase its funding…allow a mailing to suddenly double its previous returns…allow a cause to successfully penetrate a previously unreachable audience…

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