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Residents Volunteer for ‘A Day To Change Direction’ at VA Hospital

Young residents of the VFW National Home for Children took part in the “A Day to Change Direction” by volunteering at the VA Hospital in Battle Creek on Thursday the 13th of October. They always enjoy spending time with our veterans and helping them. This particular visit was meant to help bring awareness to our nationwide epidemic of mental and emotional illness, with special attention to our nation’s veterans and their families who suffer from these serious issues. VFW Auxiliary National President, Collette Bishop, and VFW National Commander-in-Chief, Brian Duffy, are joining forces to participate in the Change Direction Initiative, a collection of concerned citizens, nonprofit leaders, and leaders from the private sector who have come together to change the culture in America about Mental Health, mental illness, and wellness. To learn about this Campaign to Change Direction and on how to “Know the Five Signs” please go to . Consider making a pledge to help bring awareness to this very important issue.

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