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Reflecting on this beautiful winter day.

It’s February and a Friday. There is snow on the ground and blue in the sky. The breeze in the air highlights the scene from my window. What a picture! The sun, through my window, brings me light. But soon, the ground, now covered in snow, will burst with color in the coming spring, and the breeze may subside in its intensity. Yes, things will change, but the flag, oh my, that flag. What it represents, freedom, optimism, hope, that list is endless. Men and women have paid the ultimate sacrifice in protecting that which it stands for. That flag, oh my, that flag. That flag has been and will always be a constant reminder of these things. The similarities of my scenic viewpoint and the VFWNHC is not lost on me. The HOME brings light to veterans and their families when their lives need illumination. The freshness of a change in season will burst brightly as residents commit and work our program. The breeze will be at their backs as they begin their future with a renewed, enthusiastic outlook. Yes, things will change, but the VFWNHC, for 95 years has been, and through your support, always will be the constant. The opportunity we offer our veterans and their families at the VFWNHC is because of you. You, our supporters and donors through your generosity, of spirit, prayers, and yes, funding, supply the paints, the brushes, and the canvases to make their picture as bright as the scene outside my window. Thank you for making those pictures see the light.

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