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New Computers Arrive on Campus!

The entire National Home campus is filled with gratitude toward all who contributed to our Technology Fund. Our entire campus now has brand new, up-to-date computers with high-speed internet access. Thank you for bringing us into the 21st century! Our old computers and printers got a lot of use, and were starting to break down. They ran very slowly, and about half of them relied on an operating system (Windows XP) that is no longer serviced or supported. Worse, the computers were simply outdated. They just didn’t have enough memory or capabilities to handle the new programs – not to mention the huge quantity of images and video –that are processed today. Fortunately, the cost of computing power continues to drop. So it was cheaper to replace our hardware – especially at nonprofit rates – than to upgrade and repair it. And friends like you helped us to do just that, understanding that up-to-date computers aren’t a luxury anymore. They’re genuinely essential, especially for our school-age kids. To complete homework, students are directed to websites where answers and information can be found. Assignments are posted on school websites so that both parents and students can stay informed on all homework needs. Grade school students exchange email addresses so they can work on group assignments. Resident parents take entire courses online. In addition to school needs, National Home staff use their computers to communicate with residents, and to keep track of their needs and progress. And don’t forget that the internet is the main way that families communicate with a spouse or parent who is serving overseas. With webcam video, our active military families can stay close even when separated by thousands of miles – and what a wonderful gift that is! So again, thank you – and please know that every person at the National Home is grateful – for this crucial improvement in our technological status.

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