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New app makes giving to the National Home even easier

Looking for an easy way to support the VFW National Home for Children? There’s an app for that! Veterans Call, available free on Google Play and iTunes, allows you to set up a recurring donation right from your smart phone. The donation amount is added directly to your monthly cell phone bill, so no credit card information is required. How it works: Step 1 – Download the app on your smartphone Step 2 – Select your monthly donation amount (either $5 or $10) Step 3 – Receive a text confirming your donation Step 4 – Feel great and share your donation with the world The app also features a real time donation ticker and news feed, where you can keep up on the latest news from the National Home and other participating organizations. The National Home is one of five organizations currently featured on the app, which launched December 7 in New York City. Read more about the app from Military Times.

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