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Nevada, new sponsor of a Home on the National Home’s Campus

We are happy to announce a new house sponsorship at the National Home, the Nevada House! This 1,933 square foot home was built in 1937 by the VFW Department of Michigan and sponsored by the department until 2013. The Marine Riders, a veteran motorcycle group, sponsored the home until 2020, and now the VFW Department of Nevada is taking over the sponsorship of the home! We are so glad that the VFW Members from Nevada have decided to support this house! Sponsorship represents a solid commitment to the National Home, and it is critical to our ability to serve struggling military and veteran families. The house sponsorship covers the annuals costs of a home, including utilities, lawn care, trash removal, and general maintenance and repairs. The National Home is grateful to the VFW Department of Nevada for their support. Thank you!

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