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Life Skills program builds confidence, prepares youth for adulthood

One of the most popular offerings for young people living at the National Home is the Life Skills program. The Life Skills program covers a variety of topics, including money, time and household management, employment and other life skills. A main focus of the program is learning to set realistic goals that can be achieved in a set time period. This helps the group see success and realize that if they want something, there are steps they need to take to achieve it. Along with group classes, the program has brought several speakers to campus to present to the group, including world-class athletes, NASA scientists, members of law enforcement and others. Each year, members who participate in group activities and maintain a minimum grade point average are rewarded with a special summer trip. Past excursions have included trips to Chicago, waterpark visits and horsback riding, among others. Life Skills Program participants and alumni are quick to tell you the impact the program has on their lives. One young man spoke about his experience with the program at a recent campus event, saying it taught him “essential skills; things you use later in life.” “I’m truly blessed,” he said.

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