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Junior Vice Orientation: 2017

This month the 13th annual National Home Junior Vice Orientation was held on the beautiful campus of the VFW National Home for Children. It was a little chilly this year as representatives from more than 46 VFW Departments gathered, including the Dept. of Europe and the Pacific Areas. But, with a group of people this warmhearted, the weather didn’t have much of an effect. This year’s group of VFW and Auxiliary leaders was one of the largest in the record at almost 100 people and included National Jr. Vice Commander-In-Chief, B.J. Lawrence, and National Jr. Vice President, Sandi Kriebel. During the day on Friday, attendees were able to get a behind-the-scenes look at what we do here at the National Home. They were taken on tours of our campus, including a trip down to the Montana Farmstead to learn about our 4H program. They were also able to visit the site of our new museum and watch a special video of archived footage from historical events at the National Home. “We all hear about the National Home and read about it,” says Dept of New Hampshire Jr. Vice President, Mary-Jane Ryan. “but nothing compares to seeing it and the people here. Hearing the residents stories, and seeing the children, is truly a moving and motivating experience. Thank you!” This year, Jr. Vice happened to fall on Armed Forces Day. For over ten years, Burger King has been a supporter of the VFW’s Unmet Needs program which gives grants to veteran families in need. So this year, for Armed Forces Day, VFW members around the country gathered at Burger Kings to show their appreciation. On Saturday morning, everyone hopped on the bus or in their cars and met up at the Burger King in downtown Eaton Rapids. When they returned to campus, Jr. Vice participants were able to hear from each of the members of the program staff about the kind of work that they do with residents. Following this presentation, they were given tours of the homes here in the community that are sponsored by some of their Departments, Posts, and Auxiliaries. “It really was eye-opening to actually see the workings of the National Home,” remarked Sheery Grabon from the Department of Massachusetts. To see photos of this event, check out the Flickr album here!

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