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Is your glow still there?

The freshness of a new start, the dedication of the resolutions, and the clean slate of the calendar all remind us that the glow and excitement of the New Year are upon us.

My glow is flickering, as it seemingly often does as we get deeper into the cold, dark days of January.

Is your glow still there? Just as the birth of the new calendar brings optimism and energy, we here at the VFWNHC get to share those spirits with each and every veteran and family member that we get the opportunity to encounter. Our opportunity can be with the caller who reaches out to us on our Helpline, a candidate for admission to our campus programs, neighbors we serve daily, or the families that are satisfaction-filled that their time at the VFWNHC has given them the anticipation and excitement to begin a new chapter in their life. The freshness of the new start, the dedication of the resolutions, and changes that we are experiencing -all lead to that bright and exciting glow of a new tomorrow. I thank you on behalf of the staff, residents, alums, and donors of this marvelous VFWNHC. For without your thoughts, prayers, and yes, especially your contributions, we would be unable to assist in creating the opportunity for that bright glow our veterans and families experience.

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