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Introducing the 2019-2020 Buddy Poppy Child, Brooklyn!

We are proud to announce the VFW National Home for Children 2019-2020 Buddy Poppy Child, Brooklyn! Brooklyn lives in the Illinois 1 House at the National Home with her mom, step-dad and two sisters – Londyn who is 1 and Taylor who is 17. She just finished fourth grade and is going to be in middle school next year! Her favorite things to do at school are music and reading. At the National Home, some of her favorite hobbies are painting and playing in the gym but most of all she loves piano lessons with Ms. Rhonda and playing outside.

“I like painting because I can use my creativity and it gives me a chance to unleash my inner artist!” she says. “I like going to open gym because I can play basketball with my sister and I can run around all over the place.” She loves playing the piano because now she can play some of her favorite songs!

“I like playing outside because we have a lot of people at The National Home and sometimes it is good just to meet new people at the parks or even in my backyard and all the people I’ve met have been kind to me!” Brooklyn was in 4-H this year, and she showed a rabbit named “Lucky.”

“I am so grateful to live at the National Home because of all these opportunities that are possible for me. I am also grateful to live at the National Home because they help our family get on our feet, and when life is stressful for my mom and step-dad, they are there to help us step-by-step. They have helped our family so much! We are very lucky to have the opportunity to live at the National Home!”

Brooklyn’s family was eligible to live at the National Home because her great-grandpa was in the Army and served in the Vietnam War.

“Another thing I enjoy doing at the National Home is showing my appreciation to our soldiers. My mom, sister, and I made Christmas cards for the troops, and that felt like a really great thing to do. That is the reason I am very glad to be Buddy Poppy! It gives me even more chances to show my appreciation for our veterans and for the National Home! I just want to thank everyone for this opportunity!”

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