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Ice Cream, Ice Cream…We All Make Ice Cream!

“Shake shake shake … Shake shake shake your ice cream!” The kids enthusiastically shook their plastic baggies to the teacher’s singing. They weren’t sure why they were shaking the baggies, but it was fun to do. Fun and tasty, too! The VFW National Home for Children’s youngest residents at the preschool and child care center recently took part in the old-fashioned activity of making ice cream. The toddlers were gathered at a low table. Each one held a large plastic baggie with ice cubes and salt, and inside was a smaller baggie with the ice cream ingredients. They giggled as their little hands touched the cold ice cubes. The ice cream mixture had to be shaken a lot to mix the ingredients and harden it into ice cream. “Shake it all about…” the teacher sang out. Soon, this group of children were finished shaking their ice cream and it was time for more toddlers to come and “shake shake shake” their ice cream. “You want to come and shake your ice cream?” the teacher asked, encouraging the children to sit at the table. Another group of children were in the preschool room. Several kids were at another low table, while others were running around and playing. Much of the play also has a purpose—the preschool kids are learning about snow, focusing on certain letters, and more. “Who likes ice cream?” asked the preschool teacher. Of course, all of the kids said, “Yes!” The teacher started to mix the ice cream ingredients. First she poured in a small amount of vanilla. Next came a scoop of sugar, and finally the half and half was poured in. “Is it freezing cold?” she asked the kids. “Feel mine!” said a little girl. The baggies were put in the freezer to let the ice cream harden just a little bit more into a treat for the kids. Another fun and educational day for the National Home’s little ones!

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