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Happy 90th Anniversary to the National Home

The group of children came in one and two at a time, stomping the snow and ice off of their feet. There was a blur of coats being taken off and mittens set aside, and each child was given a party hat to wear. The room was decorated with colorful balloons and shiny miniature stars. It was time for a birthday party! The VFW National Home for Children recently celebrated its 90th Anniversary with a large birthday cake and talk of future plans. The staff and the children from the National Home’s preschool and child care center gathered in the Museum. After the children were settled down, they sat down, and surrounded by adults, had their picture taken for the occasion. Then it was time for everyone to enjoy the cake. The Museum was a fitting place to kick-off this yearlong celebration of our 90th Anniversary. In 2015, the National Home will celebrate this milestone birthday by honoring the past with a project to renovate and update our museum. An updated museum will be housed in a renovated building and showcase the history in a way that respects the past while showing the Home from a modern, fresh perspective. Throughout the year, we will also be commemorating this special year in other ways, such as featuring various aspects of our rich history on this blog.We will look back and remember important and interesting events that created the Home we know today. Here’s to a wonderful 90th year of helping military and veteran families at the National Home! Donate for the museum today Take a look at more pictures from the celebration on our Flickr!

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