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The Georgia House recently underwent a sponsorship change, with support shifting from the Military Order of the Cootie Pup Tent #5 out of Marietta, Georgia to the VFW Department of Georgia and its Auxiliary. Built in 1962 by the Ladies Auxiliary of North Dakota, this 3,850 square foot home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms was sponsored by North Dakota until 1999 when MOC Pup Tent #5 took over the sponsorship. Interesting fact, Pup Tent 5 was the first pup tent sponsor of a house at the National Home. We are so glad to see that the VFW members from Georgia can continue to support the Georgia House. House sponsorship represents a strong commitment to the National Home, and it is critical to our ability to serve struggling families. Home sponsors provide for a home’s annual costs, including utilities, lawn care, and trash removal, as well as home maintenance and repairs. The National Home is grateful to the Department of Georgia and its Auxiliary for their commitment to sustaining this house. Thank you!

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