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Extra sweet moment at this year’s Easter Treat

Sometimes it’s the small, unexpected moments that remind us what’s really important. Last weekend, the Ohio Cooties brought the Easter Bunny to the National Home for the annual Easter Treat. In addition to photos with the Easter Bunny, there was the Easter egg hunt, ice cream sundaes in the cafe and lots of fun to be had climbing on inflatables in the gym. A highlight of the weekend is always the Easter egg hunt held on the grounds of the Community Center. Children swarmed the lawn in search of the the colorful eggs – and the sweet treats to be found inside. A young girl and her older brother arrived a little late for the Easter egg hunt, but they ran all over looking for eggs anyway. Back inside, one of the adults asked them how many eggs they had found. When the young girl opened her bag, it was empty. “We didn’t find any,” her brother said sadly. Shortly after that, a group of children and parents had gathered enthusiastically around the pair. They were pulling handfuls of eggs out of their bags and putting them into the young girl’s. Even with candy on the line, these children showed what the National Home community is all about…..caring and sharing. And they all had smiles on their faces that wouldn’t quit.

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