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Donor Spotlight: Randell Himes

Randell Himes’s love for the National Home and the families we serve is big enough that it stretches half way around the world. Stationed in Atsugi, Japan, Randell has been a Life Member donor since 2014 when he was first asked to hold the position of VFW National Home for Children Chairman for the Department of Pacific Areas. Randell has always admired the many ways that the National Home reaches out to assist the families of our nation’s active duty and retired military. “Whether they are down on their luck or dealing with the loss of a loved one, the National Home steps in to ensure the safety of their children while the parents are studying to better themselves, get back on their feet, and gain the confidence to get back on track with their lives.” Randell’s compassion for military and veteran families stems from his own family’s legacy of military service that spans many of our nation’s most important war theaters. “I had uncles that served and fought in World War 2, the Korean War, and Vietnam,” says Randell with pride. “I myself spent many years at sea and on-station in the Persian Gulf during the conflicts over there.” As a dedicated supporter, Randell has always been impressed by the National Home’s education and assistance for families, from the daycare center and after-school programs to other programs like the 4-H Club, music classes, and the library. But at the heart of it all is his concern for the children and their futures. “The National Home fits right inside my heart. I just love the children and their smiles just melt straight through me. So it is hard for me so see a child deprived of what they need to get through this world nowadays.” Randell also encourages others to support the National Home in any way they can. “Any donation you make is well worth it in the long run. Because the National Home needs us, and we need the National Home to help our struggling veterans and their families.” Thank you, Randell!

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