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Celebrating Another Year of Academic Accomplishments with National Home Residents!

Every year National Home staff and resident families come together to celebrate the accomplishments of the past academic year. This year we had seven graduating preschoolers, five high school graduates, and five parents graduating with various degrees and certificates. In addition, students who achieved excellence throughout the school year such as maintaining a high GPA or increasing their GPA, were recognized. The program started with our seven preschooler grads; Scarlet, Lyle, Jerney, Noah, Dorothy, Micah, and Sophia. Preschool Lead Teacher Quinn shared a little information about each of the children: Scarlet: Scarlet is one of the leaders. She has a fantastic imagination and gets her friends to join her in making up games and finding new ways to play with our toys. She is an amazing artist, performer, and friend. As she heads off to kindergarten, we will miss her beautiful smile, her love for Harry Potter, dressing up, taking pictures, and her willingness always to help a teacher or a friend.

Lyle: Lyle is our lover of dirt, tractors, and trucks. He never misses a chance to play in the mud, hug a friend, or build with any blocks he can find. He would spend all day outside if given the opprortuniy and would prefer to do so in his awesome rain boots. We will miss his great stories, his imagination, and his ability to get everyone to smile.

Jerney: Jerney is an energetic ball of life in our classroom every day. She loves her friends, dancing, coloring pictures for other people, glitter and scissors. We will miss her infectious laugh, watching all of her performances and her love of show and tell.

Noah: Noah is our star athlete. He amazes everyone with is amazing basketball jumping and running skills. He keeps us all up to date on all of the new fortnight dances, and he never misses a chance to paint as long as he doesn’t have to get dirty. We will miss his giant smile, his love for all of the younger kids, helping others and of course, watching all of those impressive dance moves!

Dorothy (was not able to attend): Dorothy is our keeper of information. She loves to learn, ask questions, and to come up with some great new ideas. She loves to color, glue, and create. She is creative when thinking of ways to help her friends. We will miss her questions, her attentiveness, her passion for art, and her willingness to help and be a great friend. Micah: Micah is our classroom observers. He takes everything in and joins in when he’s ready, but not a minute before. He loves to collect things and keep them safe in his pockets, wear dress up pants, and run with his friends in the gym. We will miss how he lights up when he sees his brother Milo, his ability to be in a group photo without actually being in it, and his hugs, which are reserved for special occasions.

Sophia (was not able to attend): Sophia is our rule follower. She loves order and helping to decide how to plan our day. She enjoys group time, being the special helper, art, music, and helping her teachers. We will miss her bright, happy smile and attitude, her attentive listening, and her willingness to help others do the right thing.

Afterward, they treated us to a little performance of “We Are The Dinosaurs.” Kids from kindergarten all the way through high school were recognized for their academic successes. See all of the photos from this event on our Flickr Album. You can learn all about our five high school graduates on their blog! Many parents use their time at the National Home to take the opportunity to complete college degrees or obtain certificates. We had five parents this year that were recognized for their academic accomplishments this year: Angie: Medical Assistant certificate Elizabeth: Certificate of Cosmetology Johnathon: Associate’s Degree in Network Administration Rob D.: Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Rob M.: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work We are all so proud and enjoyed celebrating as one big National Home family! Congratulations on a successful year, everyone!

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