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Awareness Week 2015 – Celebrating our 90th Anniversary. Remembering our Past.

Awareness Week 2015 is March 22-28. This year’s focus is the celebration of the VFW National Home for Children’s 90th year of helping military and veteran families. And since our founding in 1925, a great many memories have been made here by a great many veterans, children and families. As part of our anniversary celebration, we want to honor and preserve those memories. On behalf of everyone who has passed through our doors, we want to remodel and update our museum so that this inspiring history can be shared for generations to come. Our current museum is outdated and too small. There are boxes and boxes of materials representing years of stories and significant moments that are not being remembered and shared. We simply need more space. And we have it – a building is available to remodel for a new museum. There will be a variety of displays, interactive exhibits, and special lighting. There also will be audio, video, and film exhibits. The new museum will showcase our history in a way that respects the past while showing the Home from a modern, fresh perspective. The only thing missing is the funding to complete this project. Please join in and help us make this a museum that our veterans can take pride in. Please make people aware of this important project during Awareness Week 2015. Bringing about awareness of the VFW National Home for Children is key to providing military and veteran families the chance for a new beginning. Please share your knowledge and awareness about the National Home with those you know – both during Awareness Week 2015 and year-round. Thank you. Donations for the museum should include “museum” in the memo line on a check or go to to give a gift online. For more information and materials to help you bring about awareness of the National Home, visit or contact Sue by e-mail at or toll-free 866-483-9642.

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