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Auxiliary #3944: Making a Difference in Veterans Lives.

Donating to the VFW National Home for Children was an obvious fit for VFW Auxiliary #3944 President, Debbie Bodimer-Wilson. This vibrant Auxiliary out of St. Louis, Missouri has been continuously giving back to the nation’s veteran population for many years. The Auxiliary to the Overland-St. Ann Memorial Post #3944 was established in 1934 and remains, to this day an incredibly important part of the St. Louis community. Their weekly Sunday bingo has been drawing in the locals since 1998 and has helped them raise considerable funds. They use this money to give back to their community and to the country’s veteran population at large. Last year alone, Debbie’s first year as President, they donated over $100,000 to veteran causes! They donate to local places in the St. Louis area like nursing homes, hospitals, schools, area veteran organizations like the POW MIA Museum in Jefferson Barracks, and the St. Louis Veterans Home. Nationally they support the VFW National Home for Children, H.E.R.O.E.S. Care, Dogs of Duty, and the VA. There are so many organizations benefited by this single Auxiliary that it would be hard to list them all! Debbie joined the Auxiliary five years ago under the service of her brother who was a Vietnam veteran. She didn’t know she could join until after he had passed away. But as soon as Debbie became an Auxiliary member, she hit the ground running! Before getting involved, she had no idea how many veterans and their families were out there struggling. She was determined to do as much as she could to help. In September 2017, District 6 National Home Trustee, Sissy Borel, attended a meet and greet with Auxiliary #3944 where she was presented a $10,000 donation to our Safety & Security Fund. This fund will be used to purchase an Emergency Notification System to alert the children, families, visitors and staff members in all 58 buildings on the National Home 80 acre campus. A month later, at the National Home’s Annual Meeting, President Debbie Bodimer-Wilson presented a $7,500 donation via Skype to our Technology Fund. The Technology Fund is used for technology-based needs at the National Home such as computers, internet, phones and computer support services. Since 1925, the National Home has been offering help, hope, and honor to the families of our nation’s active duty military and veterans and it’s all possible because of generous supporters like VFW Auxiliary 3944! For more information on the VFW National Home for Children, visit or call 800-424-8360. To reach the Military and Veteran Family Helpline, call 800-313-4200 or e-mail

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