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An Update From Executive Director, Frederick Puffenberger

Hello friends, The uncertainty of our COVID-19 filled days can certainly make a spring-like, blue sky full of sunshine day, feel like a gray, dreary, wet darkest of any winter day. We here at the VFWNHC are currently operating under the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order mandated by Michigan’s Governor, Gretchen Whitmer. This order is scheduled to end on April 13th, though we anticipate an extension as the severity of the situation continues to be restless. Thankfully, due to the generosity of donors who funded a technology purchase last year, our programming staff are continuing to remotely service the military and veteran families living here. While we have closed all of our campus common areas, including playgrounds, daycare, and community center, we still offer four miles of hiking trails, rolling hills, and community streets, and families are encouraged to get out and take in the burst of spring that is upon us. The demonstrated commitment by staff and residents alike in keeping one another safe is a true testament to the sense of community shared by all at the National Home. This home, this wonderfully 95-year-old campus of homes, is nothing if not a testament to the American spirit. The spirit of self-sacrifice, compassion, and community. In the face of adversity, we find the best within ourselves. Those of us who work at the National Home are fortunate to serve veterans and their families who have courageously already faced adversity in their lives. Through their actions and service, we are reminded each day of the attributes of self-sacrifice, integrity, and perseverance, all leading to brighter days ahead. As a non-profit, 100% privately funded entity, I would not be honest with you if I didn’t share that yes, I do have concerns on the impact this pandemic will have on our finances. What concerns I do not have, however, is that throughout our 95 years of service to the veteran community, we have weathered many storms. It is no secret that we would be unable to assist any of our veterans or their families without your support in prayers and funding. But today, if you are in a giving mood, I ask that you first take care of each other, your family, neighbors, friends, or anyone else who is struggling and in deep need. For nearly 250 years, America has overcome a multitude of challenges. COVID-19 isn’t the first, nor will it be our last. Our American spirits and heart are inspired by challenges. We rally against adversity. You and I, the supporters and friends of the VFWNHC, will once again prove our resilience and emerge from this as strong as ever. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

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