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An Open Letter Belated Birthday card to the VFW National Home for Children

My dear friend, I owe you the sincerest of apologies. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the past holiday season, the excitement of 2020 ending and the birth of the year 2021, I forgot, just as unbelievable as it seems, flat forgot, your Birthday. Yes, on January 7th you turned 96 years old. How could anyone forget that? Well, I did and I am sorry. As you know, you and I have known each other a long time. It was a short 52 years ago when we first met, became friends. You had taken numerous families onto your campus and they became not only your friends but my friends too. As with you, those friendships remain in place today. Our friends often remind me they do not know where they would be if you were not here for them and their families in their time of need. Thank you for taking them in, helping them grow and affording them the opportunity to enjoy happy and successful lives. Ninety-six years old, man you certainly have seen a lot! Depressions, wars, civil unrest, national and worldwide tragedies, more wars, 9-11 and now a worldwide pandemic. However, after all of that and even more, you are still serving our heroes. We are as proud of you now as we have ever been. The good-hearted and brave souls who brought you into this world certainly would be proud if they could see what you have grown up to be! You were born to take care of veterans and their families who have sacrificed, so we can enjoy our freedoms, and even now, 96 years later you continue to provide that comfort to those who have served. I know if we could talk, you would tell me you couldn’t have made it this far on your own. You would tell me that you had supporters and friends that helped you, thousands of them over the past 96 years. You would tell me they believed in you and your mission and were by your side all the way. Well my dear friend, I am here to tell you that they are still out there, looking out for you, supporting you and believing in what you are doing. You remain committed to serving those who have served us. You instill hope and optimism for a brighter future to those who need it desperately. Your mission remains true and your spirit unblemished. Yes, my dear VFW National Home for Children, your supporters are still out there and their numbers are growing. So old friend in closing, I am sorry for missing your birthday this year. Thank you for being what and who you are. You have assisted and enhanced the lives of thousands of our veterans and their families over the years. And as sure as I am typing this, I can hear you say, “You know Fred, I’m just getting started.” Warmest of Birthday wishes, Fred

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