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An Inside Look At The National Home’s Early Education Childcare Center!

If you’ve ever wondered what our “little patriots” are up to at our Child Care and Early Education Center, the answer is “A LOT!” A beehive of activity here on the National Home campus, our Child Care and Early Education Center provides age-specific developmental and educational programs and activities for infants, toddlers and preschoolers alike. Infants benefit from socialization, communication, color awareness and motor skill development, as well as a set schedule for feeding, sleeping, and diapering. Toddlers benefit from potty-training (when ready), daily outdoor play, and set meal and nap times. Their developmental activities focus on interactive social skills, physical coordination and fine motor skills. They also start learning to read, listen to stories, identify pictures and prepare for preschool. Preschoolers’ days are much more scheduled and education focused in preparation for kindergarten. They learn to write letters, learn about time, the weather and even the arts through music, art and nature. On top of all that, throughout the year the children get to go on field trips to exciting places like Potter Park Zoo, Andy T’s Farm and the MSU 4-H Children’s Garden. With all these activities going on, you can understand why nap time is a very popular time of day!

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