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A Note from the Executive Director: Reflecting on 2020

As I sit here attempting to share with you my reflections of the year 2020, my first instinct was to type the word “YUCK”. I suspect that my instinctive reaction to the year 2020 is consistent with most of yours as well. It’s clearly been a turbulent, chaotic and dark year for us all. One to forget, but likely always memorable. Now that all my negative thoughts have drained through my fingertips and on to this page, let’s move on! I share with you that even in the blurriness and chaos of 2020 our staff and residential community still found light. When you think about it, our very existence, our reason of being, our ability to serve our veterans and their families is the very embodiment of light. Our veterans and their families through the uncertainty and perils of their sacrifices have lived through many a day of uncertainty and chaos. The wisdom of our founders 95 years ago envisioned a community where those uncertainties and perils of sacrifice could be replaced with opportunity and hope. A repayment for those who sacrificed to secure and protect the freedoms we are blessed to have today. So in 2020 here we are, continuing to live out our mission. Through the gloominess of this past year our staff envisioned, created and executed our family services in ways never imagined before. Our families with a deep appreciation, engaged and embraced these ways knowing with a certainty that we were still here doing what we do. In fact we have received unsolicited appreciative comments from our residents who have shared that they do not know where they would be without the generosity of our donors who support the homes and services they receive. On behalf of our residents, our staff and our Board of Trustees, I thank you for allowing us to do what our founding fathers started 95 years ago. Yes, 2020 has been a foggy, stormy year on all of us. To me, like a bad dream that I could never awake from. While it may not completely be over I know, we know, it never beat us. We are stronger, smarter and as caring as ever. Thank you my friends for allowing us through your prayers, and generosity of gifts, to be the beacon of hope and inspiration to these very deserving families. Yes, you are indeed our light.

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