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A Message from Executive Director, Fred Puffenberger: A Reflection on Veteran’s Day

So it’s November, the time of falling leaves, football, and family gatherings. Boy, it got here fast, didn’t it? Not only fast but with a serious and long-lasting speed bump (Covid-19). As this speed bump did not stop the leaves from falling, it did slow down and change the football season and certainly will inhibit in many households family gatherings. As Covid-19 didn’t stop the leaves from falling, it certainly won’t slow down nor change our celebration of Veterans Day. This is the day we honor all of our veterans who have served our county in war or peace – dead or alive. It’s a day of remembrance and thankfulness for the brave men and women who have sacrificed so we can live under secured freedoms. For most of the year 2020, the news cycle has consisted of the pandemic and presidential election comings and goings, ups and downs. Little, if any, attention has been paid to the fact that all over the world, we continue to have active duty service members risking their lives serving our country. I am confident that those of you in the veteran world clearly remember that. I am not, however, confident the general public at large recall these sacrifices. Our veterans have served our country in the past, will do so in the future, and are doing so NOW! Unfortunately, we take many gifts for granted in our lives. Unless you are impacted personally, the duty of active service members is often one of those gifts overlooked. So today, I hope we all, impacted or otherwise find a moment to thank not only those who previously served but those who are currently doing so. This week on our website and our Facebook page, we are highlighting a veteran a day who work at the VFW National Home for Children. On Friday, we will be highlighting an employee whose spouse is still serving our country. I trust that you will find these stories as uplifting and as powerful as we had in putting them together. On behalf of the residents and staff at the National Home, thank you for your service and support over the years. We are all here because of you. Warmest regards, CEO/Executive Director
Fred Puffenberger

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