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A First-Time Visitor’s Perspective

After almost 50 years of being a VFW member and holding every position at the post, state, and district level, Charlie McConville of Maryland, had the opportunity to visit the National Home. Before his visit, Charlie was well aware of the National Home and had done many fundraisers for us, but what he always envisioned was a couple of kids in a house being cared for. He had what he calls “tunnel vision.”

During his visit, he was given an in-depth tour of the property and facilities and was able to see the behind the scenes of the place. He realized how much he had underestimated the massive undertaking that running and maintaining a community the size of the National Home is. There are facilities like the water treatment plant and over 50 buildings that need to be cared for and maintained. “I would tell anyone who’s thinking of donating to the National Home, that this place needs your support. This place is accountable to its donors. It is a well-run organization.” Charlie describes himself as an average guy who is devoted to veterans and their families. He served in the Navy during WWII and has two grandsons who have served. He is 91 and these days he enjoys attending his grand kids’ sporting events, his post and district meetings and staying as active as he can. If he could tell you anything about the National Home, he would say, “Don’t have tunnel vision! Donate to the National Home. Visit the National Home. Educate yourself about it.”

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