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VFW National Home Resident in Shock at Gift from Progressive Insurance

Despite Sherman’s longevity, Luisa and her family were beginning to be continually disappointed by their trusted friend.

“It came to the point that we would cross our fingers and pray that it would take us where we needed to go,” explained Luisa of her Dodge Durango affectionately named Sherman. “It had been through it all with us and was our first family vehicle.”

The car needed a new engine, but Luisa, a resident of the VFW National Home with her four children, didn’t have the funds for the repair.

It was overwhelming for the Navy veteran who served for nine years and was deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

“I had enough on my shoulders trying to make a better life for my kids. Eventually, the car just quit altogether,” she said.

Unexpected Phone Call Brings Help

Luisa’s misfortune coincided with an unlikely phone call to State Adjutant/Quartermaster VFW Department of Michigan, Barry Walter.

“I received a call from the wife of a former client whose son worked for Progressive Insurance’s Annual Car Giveaway Program. They were seeking veteran applicants in Michigan,” explained Walter.

Walter, a former service officer, contacted several veteran navigators around the state about the program and decided to see if the VFW National Home had anyone that they thought would be a good candidate to apply.

VFW National Home Program Director, Angela Harkins, knew just the person.

“Luisa is a stellar resident at the VFW National Home and has worked hard to be able to provide for her kids and make a better life for them all. She is working on her bachelor’s degree and is a paraprofessional for the local school system,” said Harkins.

Progressive Gifts Transportation

Progressive Insurance’s Keys to Progress has been giving cars away to deserving veterans since 2013. This year’s 2023 event marked the 1000th vehicle giveaway, and Luisa served as the lucky recipient of a 2021 Nissan Rogue.

“I am still in shock! I don’t think I’ve fully processed it yet. I literally have a NEW CAR, which was given to us for FREE!” Luisa exclaimed in an email.

“By providing transportation support, our hope is to offer a little relief and improve the lives of those in the military facing tough circumstances who have given so much for their country,” explained Claims Process Manager Michael DiPiazza of Progressive.

“It’s just wonderful that corporations like Progressive are thinking about how to help veterans. They have the ability to help, and they take action to do it,” added Walter.

Luisa expressed relief that the fear of being stranded is now gone, and she can safely drive her children to school, for appointments, and anywhere else they need to go.

Adding, “This is the best gift I could have ever received. Truly, we thank you very much, Progressive, for changing our lives!”

And the name of the new ride?

“Sheryl” will be the new wheels for this hard-working mom and her gang.

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