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Tram Donation Provides More Than Visitor Tours

Fulfils Couple’s Dream

Rodney McDonald and his wife Christi dreamt of building a home they could offer to a struggling family to get back on their feet, who then in turn, would move out, allowing another needy family to move in.

“Year after year one thing or another happened, and we couldn’t make this dream a reality,” said McDonald, who along with his family and wife, own CW Leasing and Transport Inc., a power-only, towaway logistics provider based out of South Bend, Indiana.

Then the McDonald’s dream came to fruition in a completely unexpected manner.

“I was having a terrible day that was going from bad to worse, and I get this call from a guy at a place called the VFW National Home who wanted to buy the 14-passenger tram I was selling on Facebook Marketplace,” remembered McDonald.

McDonald recalled the emotion he felt when Executive Director Mike Wilson told him about what the VFW National Home does to help veterans and their families.

“My dad is a veteran, and my grandfather and most of my friends. The VFW National Home’s core values aligned with ours. I thought, why am I so upset by my problems when here is an organization helping others?’ My wife and I decided to make our day better by donating the tram,” said McDonald, who originally had the 2021 electric people mover priced at $18,000.

“When Rodney said, ‘I’d like to give it to you” I was stunned,” said Wilson recounting the phone conversation. “This was a piece of equipment we had been searching for and fundraising for with little success for about a year. Rodney’s incredible donation to the National Home is nothing short of a gift from the Almighty.”

The Couple Understands Struggle

“I came from nothing and have worked hard for everything I have. We got married in high school, and I worked two jobs and went to school,” McDonald explained.

Those days are in the rearview for the entrepreneur whose company operates in 49 states and all of Canada, transporting event set-ups for pro sports teams, high-profile concerts, and other large events across the continent.

“For a long time, our desire has been to help other couples who are struggling,” he said.

Donating the tram allows the McDonalds’ to be a part of a vision that was always in their hearts.

“Transportation on campus is very important so we can take people on tours of our campus. Not only does this help with getting the VFW National Home recognized, but it also helps our donors to see the campus and know why we seek the donations we do,” explained Facilities Director, Rick Stiver.

“Mike Wilson’s call was perfect timing. The VFW National Home, with their 42 homes for struggling veteran families is already doing what my wife and I wanted to do,” said McDonald.

“Rodney and Christi are remarkable people, and we consider them friends of the National Home and partners in our work to support veterans and their families. This is a gift we will not soon forget,” added Wilson.

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