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National Home Visited by Real Life Lieutenant Dan!

Earlier this month, Dan Guida paid a visit from VFW Post 6249 in Rocky Point, New York.  Dan first learned about the Home at the New York VFW State Convention in Albany, NY the summer of 2019.  He became a Life Member of the National Home, and shortly after returning from his trip, he became a monthly donor.

Dan was on his way to Indianapolis for a military reunion when he decided to make a side trip to Bay City, Michigan, to see The USS Edson, now transformed into a museum.  During his service in Vietnam, The Edson provided fire support to Dan’s platoon when they were caught in a tight spot. 

“I wanted to stop and pay my respects for her covering me when I needed it.” Said Dan. 

“When I was done, I started to head for Indy and my reunion, but when plotting my route, I realized that the National Home was along the way to I planned to make a stop.”  

“We all have charities that we support. I am sure that we all wonder if the money we send is put to good and proper use.  I found the Home very clean, pleasant, and well maintained.  The staff was cordial and very informative.  After my visit, I have no concerns that the monies are being put to good and proper use.”

Dan was drafted in 1966 at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. During his induction, he qualified for Officers Candidate School (OCS.  After attending basic training at Fort Hood, Texas, he was sent to Fort Knox, Kentucky, for AIT and eventually Armor OCS.  In January of 1967, he graduated and in name only became Lieutenant Dan.

For nine months, he trained basic trainees in Fort Lewis, Washington, before being sent to Panama for jungle school. 

In late November 1967, he arrived in Vietnam.

Dan Guida in Vietnam

“Once in Nam, I became a real-life Lieutenant Dan.” Said Dan.

“I was given command of an armored Calvary Platoon for the 1st of the 1st Cav Americal Division near Tamky and Chula.  After about four months in the field, I was transferred to Division Headquarters, where I was security and maintenance officer for headquarters.  I was very fortunate. I was able to survive TET 68 and 4 months as a line officer without any physical injuries.  I did receive a Bronze Star.”

Thank you for your service Dan, and thank you for your support of the military and veteran families at the VFW National Home for Children.  We’re glad you enjoyed your visit!

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