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National Home Residents Learn a New Way to Think about Money

“Since participating in this group I have virtually eliminated frivolous spending,” reported one National Home resident.

“I have learned to be more mindful of the balance between my emotions and money,” remarked another.

They, along with 14 other residents, recently completed a ten-week group class called Take Charge Financial created by the Center for Financial Social Work and executed by VFW National Home caseworkers.

“Each week, we worked on a different topic such as paying down debt or saving money,” said Kirsten Grady, the Home’s Lead Case Manager and a Certified Financial Social Worker.

Advanced Case Manager Naomi McClurg and programming department intern Corley Sibold co-led the group with Grady starting in March and extending to May.

Overall, the facilitators helped group members explore their thoughts, experiences, and attitudes toward money, while at the same time gaining insight into their current financial circumstances and setting financial goals moving forward.

“I didn’t fully realize my spending habits until I took this class,” confessed one group member.

“This is so important to residents because one of their number one goals while living on campus is to improve their financial situation. This study helps change behavior, as well as teaching the nuts and bolts of finances,” added Grady.

This was the second year in a row that the programming department offered the instruction that functions not only as a financial class, but also as a financial support group.

“I like everyone’s input on different things, and it was nice that we all came from similar backgrounds and could relate to one another,” said one resident.

The Center for Financial Social Work offers a Financial Education Support Group Kit. To learn more, visit their website.

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