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Meet Your 2021-2022 Buddy Poppy Child, Aurora!

Aurora is seven years old and lives in the North Carolina House with her mother, Ashley, and father, Ben.

“My dad works for the Army and my mom goes to Nursing School. I also have three siblings – a sister and two brothers. I have a dog named Sergeant, but I call him Sarge.” says Aurora.

“My dad is a captain in the Army. He is my hero! He helps protect our country and people. He is brave so that everyone can have freedom. My dad is a military police officer.”

Aurora is in second grade and attends school in nearby Dansville.

“I have two best friends – Jenna and Marlowe. My favorite subjects in school are math and science. I want to be a surgeon when I grow up. I want to be a surgeon because I want to help save people’s lives.”

Her favorite things to do are playing volleyball, soccer, and tennis. She also loves to ride her bike around the National Home neighborhood and fishing at Lake Romanis.

“I like helping take care of Sarge – I feed him and take him for walks and play with him a lot!”

“I like living here at the VFW National Home for Children because our house is really big and I get to have my own room. I like being able to have a toy room also. It is fun living here and playing with friends. I love all the fun times we have here like when Santa and the Easter Bunny came to my house. I like being able to ride my bike around the neighborhood with my friends and I like walking the trails. I feel safe living here.”

Aurora stole the show this summer at the VFW National Convention, where many people stopped by the National Home booth to get a photo with her. Aurora looks forward to her year as Buddy Poppy Child and hopes to see you at various VFW and National Home events throughout the year.

“I am glad to be Buddy Poppy girl so I can thank everyone in the military for making America safe and so I can make a difference like my dad. United we stand. Respect. Honor. Freedom.”

You can watch Aurora’s Speech at the VFW National Convention Here.

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