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“A Magical Place”

“A Magical Place”

That’s how one visitor described the VFW National Home after participating in the 19th Annual Junior Vice Orientation in Eaton Rapids, Michigan on May 19th and 20th. She joined 85 Jr. Vice Commanders and Presidents and their guests who traveled from states across the country.

“The VFW has definitely invested well in providing the Home for deserving families,” commented Colleen Miller Foland from South Dakota.

The VFW National Home invites upcoming VFW leaders each year to campus to see and hear firsthand how their support helps transform veteran families in need.

“This is a must for all VFW leaders. The visit allowed me to see up close and hear the stories,” said Andrea Summerlin from Oregon.

“This was my first visit. I had no idea of the mission and how important this home is!” said Troy Fleck from North Dakota.

The orientation included training sessions that shared all aspects of the National Home, including:

  • History
  • The National Home Museum
  • Early Education Center
  • Facilities
  • Programming
  • Veteran and Family Resource Center
  • Residential Home Tours
  • Effective Methods to Fundraise for the Home

Two past alumni and a current veteran resident shared their poignant stories with the group explaining how the VFW National Home helped them get their lives back on track.

“Hearing from alumni and the difference that it made in their lives has given me an even greater appreciation for the VFW National Home and all that it does,” said Nadia Flores from Colorado.

“These great leaders spend two days finding out exactly how we support those who live here,” said Executive Director Mike Wilson.

“The VFW National Home shows how we, as a veterans’ organization support our veterans and their families. We should all be proud of the work they do,” remarked Dawn Kuhn from Virginia.

Wilson says he and the staff always look forward to welcoming new leaders to the beautiful campus.

“We see the awe in their eyes and the smiles as they learn the rich history and how we support those who have done so much to protect us,” said Wilson.

“This is our favorite event on campus because it brings key leaders from all over the country to learn about the Home,” added Development Director Sue Alverson who said, “After that, we’re friends forever.”

Check out our Flickr Album to see more photos of this event!

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