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A Graduation Poem

Poem by National Home 2023 High School Graduate, Lucas

We stand here today happy that we’re now free
What has once seemed impossible
Has now allowed us to feel unstoppable

Through years of early mornings and late nights
We now feel no fright
What was once our only worry
Seems to be so blurry

I remember the fantasies of graduating
Now it seems almost aggravating
The weeks leading up to the end
Allows me to transcend

I remember the call we got
2 week of school off
A confusing time at least
I felt like a trapped beast

Fast forward 3 years
We are forced to face our fears
Just now getting back to normal
It still feels so informal

It shows how strong we are
Everyone deserves gold stars
Zooms and google classrooms
Is what made us all feel doomed

As we all go off to college, workforce, or armed forces
We’re at the end of our high school courses
The memorable moments we hold
Will be as valuable as gold

Through social hierarchy and peer pressure
Comes peace as you start to give less effort
The end of school is here
But the new beginning is clear

As we all start to spread our wings
Our past doesn’t seem to sting
Finally when we say the last goodbye
As much as it hurts we must comply

Don’t forget to enjoy your summer
Do not let it be a bummer
Hope you all feel a little more free
Thank you Class of 2023

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