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Donor Spotlight

Sandy Germany

Sandy Germany

A beloved long-time friend to everything-VFW, Sandy Germany first got involved with the National Home when she became an active member of the VFW Auxiliary, and increased her involvement as she became active with the VFW Auxiliary National Line Officers. She is proud to have had a hand in the Home’s growth, and equally proud to see that growth continue, as she says now:

“It was my honor to be the National President when the first duplex was erected at the Home and more have come since then. Everyone supporting such a tremendous facility and cause can never be forgotten.”

One of Sandy’s biggest regrets is that she is no longer able to visit here and work directly with us as often as she used to. But her support continues, and she eagerly encourages others to join in that effort:

“I support the National Home because they are responsible for the wellbeing of so many families, including the youth. What small amount I am able to share with them just means that I am not the only one who could be helping in some way. We should always remember that they need us and that any amount can help.”

“I would tell everyone, DONATE, no matter how large or small, it all adds up to a great donation and helps to enable the Home to remain in existence.”

“And above all else, make a trip to Eaton Rapids, Michigan to visit the Home. There is always someone willing and able to take you on a tour of the entire facility.”

Given this devotion to our cause, it’s probably not surprising that Sandy comes from a family tradition of military service. Her father was a World War II veteran. Her brother served two tours in Vietnam, and her oldest son served in Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan. All are also members of the VFW family, as Sandy notes:

“My father and brother are deceased, but were life members of Kichler Pippen VFW #5658 in Elberta, and my oldest son, now 49 years old, continues to serve as a Life Member of this same Post. My love is with each and every one of them.”

After many years, Sandy’s work with the VFW Auxiliary National Organization is beginning to slow a bit, but she still cherishes her belief in what the organization stands for as well as its goals for the past, present and future. And we cherish her!