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Donor Spotlight

Kate Ouellette

Kate Ouellette

The 2019-20 Buddy Poppy National Home Chairman, a longtime VFW Auxiliary member, and also a Life Member of the National Home, Kate Ouellette has a deep and abiding belief in the National Home’s mission.

“One of my strongest beliefs is that ‘Every Child Deserves A Happy Family!’ Behind the children are parents who are veterans or family of veterans. I strongly believe in our veterans. Every veteran is willing to sacrifice it all for our freedom, fighting to preserve what we have attained through many battlefields. I feel with my whole heart that these children, along with their families, deserve our support to make them whole again. When a family has no one to turn to, I know they can count on the National Home.”

Kate’s love and support for the National Home is shared by her husband, Dave, who is a former Board President of the National Home and Commander of the New Hampshire VFW. It was on the couple’s occasional visits to our campus that Kate’s appreciation for the National Home grew.

“Every time I visit the Home I am truly in awe of this place. We had the opportunity to visit the Home in December during Christmas and it was so inspiring. It was a joy to see the faces of the children light up upon Santa’s arrival!”

Kate’s visits to the campus also reinforced her admiration for the staff at the National Home campus.

“The staff from top to bottom are all truly amazing in making the families whole again. I know of no other organization that does this kind of work for our veterans.”

Kate feels that one of the biggest challenges is getting the word out about all the good the National Home does. That’s why she always carries her card with her and presents it to people when the opportunity arises.

“You never know when you might come across a veteran or a family who could benefit from living at the National Home.”

Thank you, Kate, for your tireless dedication and support of the VFW National Home for Children!