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Donor Spotlight

Jeff Friar

Jeffrey E. Friar

Duty, Honor and Commitment. For Jeff Friar, his uncles – veterans of WWII and Korea – were living examples of these core values. But we think Jeff represents them equally well.

“I truly believe that our service men and women are protecting our vital freedoms,” Jeff says. “They have handed us a blank check that we hold, payable with up to their own life. Should we not return a portion of what we have from our safe and comfortable homes to help them and their families?”

Jeff served in the US Navy for more than 20 years. Retiring as a Commander in the Civil Engineer Corps, he took care of military organizations (and the family housing) around the world. And during his time as an officer, he learned the importance of taking care of his troops and making sure that they had what they needed to accomplish their mission.

That’s why the VFW National Home for Children tops the list of causes that Jeff believes in. He explains, “I’ve been to Eaton Rapids, I’ve seen firsthand the hard work of the decent and honest folks who run our Home. While that was and is enough to merit my support, I was eager to and did double my support after the independent national review gave the Home top ranking for ethical and transparent accounting and maximum percentage of contributions going directly to the cause.”

With his background in facilities management, Jeff recognizes the challenges inherent in maintaining the Home’s building and grounds in Michigan’s sometimes harsh environment. But what surprised him most were the resources and energy put into teaching life skills to the adults of the families living in the houses at the home.

“I was very impressed with the success stories and the track record of families and children who have ‘graduated’ from the Home,” Jeff says.

He concludes, “I’m proud to associate myself with an organization that is daily making a positive impact on the children and families of my fellow servicemen and women. It is all an extension of the vows we have to ‘Honor the Dead, through service to the Living’.”