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Donor Spotlight

Donald Lynch

Donald Lynch

Donald Lynch’s military connections run deep and wide. He’s a combat veteran from the Air Force, active in the VFW and Military Order of the Cootie. He’s a member of the American Legion and Sons of the Legion. And he’s a third generation hero, as both his father and grandfather also served their country.

Sadly, his grandfather, also named Donald Lynch, was killed in action in WWII.

Donald began supporting the National Home because the Military Order of the Cootie, an organization very close to his heart, was instrumental to starting the National Home.

But his commitment to our work was profoundly strengthened when he visited our home.

In fact, he warns that visiting the National Home can become “addictive,” explaining that “when I met the staff and got to see the smiles on the kids’ faces, I couldn’t have been in a better place in the world.”

“They have everything in the world to do there,” he continues, “from school to playgrounds, and even a pig and rabbit barn for 4H. The adults that go there are given the knowledge to take care of a budget, shopping, entertainment, and a balanced diet for all. The National Home treats everyone as an individual and not a group, and that makes it special. If for some reason they can’t help the children in Michigan they will try to find help closer to where the family lives.”

And he has a simple request for his fellow patriots:

“Please help the children. They are our future and it’s not fair the cards they were dealt. Their family served our country and now it’s our turn to serve them!!”