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2024 Election & Annual Life Member Meeting

Annual LIFE MEMBER Meeting, October 26, 2024
Veterans of Foreign Wars National Home
Eaton Rapids, Michigan 48827-9799

The National Home’s Annual Meeting of the corporation will be held in Eaton Rapids, Michigan at 9:00 a.m. EST on October 26, 2024, in accordance with the VFW National Home Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, Bylaw Article 1, Section 5.

Purpose of the annual meeting

The purpose of the Annual Meeting is to certify the election of two trustees elected by the membership.

Elections will take place for open positions in the National Home District 7 (Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin & Minnesota) and the National Home District 11 (Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada) for six-year terms, both ending in October 2030.


*Only National Home life members whose VFW or VFW Auxiliary affiliation is in the National Home’s District 7 and District 11 will receive a ballot.  Ballots (which are emailed or texted) for District 7 and District 11 elections must be received at the VFW National Home no later than close of business of the VFW National Home on  September 30th, 2024, per Article V, Section 4 of the VFW National Home Bylaws.

*In accordance with the National Home Bylaws Article II, Section 4 (listed on the National Home Website) when there is only one nominee for Trustee for a National Home District, a mail or electronic transmission ballot to life members of the affected district shall not be required and the Secretary of the corporation shall cast one ballot in writing for such nominee. 

​Please direct questions to:

Lynn Bloomer-Derby, Chief of Staff
3573 South Waverly Rd.
Eaton Rapids, MI 48827
(517) 663-7023

Click here for more information on becoming a VFW National Home Trustee.